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Top 7 Procedures for Annotating (Great for all Subjects!) Close Reading at its best

by Karen Salsbury, M.S. Ed/Reading Close reading is huge!  We’ve always had this in education, but not defined it as the Common Core has done.  The major success in a close reading strategy is learning how to annotate properly. Many students today are borderline illiterate and lacking in critical thinking skills given the amount of “watching” versus the amount of “reading” done in today’s society.  Before the Internet, students had to research and read from printed text, now they can find Read More...

Why I Teach Short Story 2

Story 2: Corny Jokes and All A Short Short Story to Inspire   The students filed into Brad Power’s seventh grade English class. He was just about to close the door when one last straggler came around the corner. “Glad you could make it Mr. Miller,” Brad said with a grin, as he patted Dylan on his backpack. “It wouldn’t be the same without you.” “I doubt it,” Dylan mumbled as he headed to his seat. Brad closed the door and headed to his Read More...

How One Crazy Teacher Solved a Problem for All Teachers

Frustration! Exasperation! Overwhelmed! How am I ever supposed to find what I’m looking for? That’s how I felt when I started teaching. I was given a whole set of standards to teach, but not many resources to achieve the goals set forth by the school district and state. I spent hours scouring the web for resources. Finding available resources seemed easy until I started studying everything that looked like it might be helpful to me in my planning endeavors. Read More...
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