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Advantages of Cloud Storage for Teachers

Advantages of Cloud Storage for Teachers

Storing your work in the cloud is an ever-growing strategy. Teachers at every educational level enjoy the convenience and flexibility of cloud storage.


Cloud storage is still an infant in the technology world, and it’s evolving as we speak.  Top chip manufacturer, Intel, now trumpets the hybrid cloud as a cutting edge tool. There are three types of cloud storage at the moment: Public, private, and hybrid.

Types of Clouds

Public cloud storage was the first incarnation of the cloud. Advantages include the following items.

  • It requires a minimum of admin operations and controls.
  • Rigid integration is unnecessary, as clouds are flexible.
  • Improved security makes the cloud, even public clouds, safe and protected.
  • It’s ideal for SaaS (Software as a Service) needs, as individuals and/or businesses need not maintain, install or repair intricate systems.

Private cloud storage is designed for one person or a single company with specific features applicable to that individual or company. The private cloud comes in two primary flavors: On-premise hosting and external hosting versions. Few individuals, except those running businesses out of their homes, need the private cloud. The public cloud securely stores all the files most individuals need.

Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of private and public cloud platforms to satisfy the needs of businesses large and small. Evolving, growing businesses face changing challenges and computing needs. A hybrid cloud offers the power and flexibility most businesses need to operate efficiently as their market changes.


Teachers Enjoy Multiple Benefits from Cloud Storage

As file volume increases, top cloud storage companies have greater ability to compete on pricing and service offerings. Since files in the cloud can be accessed on any device located anywhere, the cloud is particularly useful for teachers.

Among the benefits for teachers are the following abilities.

  • Teachers can record their lesson plans at home before class; then retrieve them from any computer or smartphone at their school.

  • They can record ideas 24/7, whenever the light bulb in their minds is active, even at 3:00 AM, if the idea springs into their minds.

  • Input scheduled or pop quizzes before class, retrieving them when teachers wish from any location.

  • Record ‘To Do’ lists or reminder notes for retrieval at school. Don’t depend on your memory; write down these notes as they occur to you.

  • Input details for projects or future assignments. Teachers will not leave out any details of complex projects or assignments by sending their outlines to the cloud.


According to techcrunch.com the “cloud wars’ are imminent. The cloud has become so sophisticated, only the strong will survive. The primary combatants project to be Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

This competition should make the cloud even more valuable to teachers, as the major players will focus on designing technical improvements, higher security, and more attractive pricing. While the competition may target larger companies (to generate more revenue), most technological improvements will be available to individuals and teachers, too.

Creative teachers, no doubt, will find additional uses for cloud technology than those listed above. This development will make many teachers more effective in communicating their learning lessons and tools, helping their students perform better.

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  1. emperor April 13, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    I see the biggest benefit as being able to find lost lessons with a quick search through my cloud. I am always losing stuff. I don’t want to search through thumb drives, and I get tired of the school district “re-imaging” my computer every year only to lose so many documents. I also can save all my favorite websites in my teacher cloud. Love it!

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