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    Argumentative Essay Writing Vocabulary – Classroom Ready

    Included in this classroom ready presentation is the most used academic vocabulary for argumentative essay writing.

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    Classic Magazine Activity

    This is an in class team activity for a group.  It is used to teach students how to defend a thesis.

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    Classroom Procedures for Back-to-School

    Classroom ready presentation to go over with your students for a successful year.  Each slide includes detailed instruction that you can adapt to your own classroom management style as needed.  These include:

    “I CAN” attitude
    When I need your attention
    When entering the room
    When preparing to leave
    If you need help
    Working independently
    Working in a group
    If you need to go somewhere
    Where to turn in work
    If you are absent
    Missing or late work
    Our classroom theme, and more!

    Download this wonderful PowerPoint for free today, and sign up for more great resources.  You’ll also be able to download your free Classroom Management Ebook.

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    Close Reading Presentation — Classroom Ready

    Close reading is vital to reading comprehension.  This PowerPoint presentation encompasses many of the strategies needed to teach close reading strategies to students from grades 6-12.  It is classroom ready, and coupled with Cornell Notes can be an effective introduction to Close Reading.  Detailed annotating strategies are included in this close reading classroom ready presentation.  As part of the Common Core Standards, close reading is important for all areas of student academic life.  It is used in almost every core class as well as encore classes.  Download now for free!

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    Get to Know My Students

    Here’s a simple daily lesson plan for back to school.

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    How to Write an Argumentative Essay – Classroom Ready


    This presentation is a great way to introduce your students to Argumentative Essay writing.  Download yours today for free.

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    How to Write Reflectively in Secondary School

    How to Write Reflectively in Secondary School.  This classroom ready presentation will teach your students how to enhance what they just learned on their recent project by writing and reflecting on it.

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    Predicting and Foreshadowing

    Students will be able to predict upcoming events and understand Foreshadowing

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    Sentence Structures Made Easy Presentation

    If your students struggle with the different types of sentences, this is a great classroom ready presentation.  It explains the difference between an independent clause and a dependent clause.  This presentation walks students through what a simple, compound and complex sentences are and how to construct one.  Also included, are the basic parts of speech with examples.

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