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    10 Shelf Organizer

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    Critical Thinking Classroom Learning Games. Get your kiddos to thinking!

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    Calendar and Weather Pocket Chart

    Tired of the cheap charts that keep falling apart? This is a durable and sturdy weather pocket chart for your classroom.

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    Classroom Procedures for Back-to-School

    Classroom ready presentation to go over with your students for a successful year.  Each slide includes detailed instruction that you can adapt to your own classroom management style as needed.  These include:

    “I CAN” attitude
    When I need your attention
    When entering the room
    When preparing to leave
    If you need help
    Working independently
    Working in a group
    If you need to go somewhere
    Where to turn in work
    If you are absent
    Missing or late work
    Our classroom theme, and more!

    Download this wonderful PowerPoint for free today, and sign up for more great resources.  You’ll also be able to download your free Classroom Management Ebook.

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    Twenty teacher-tested lessons are presented with informative pictures and step-by-step instructions for presentation in 45-minute computer lab sessions. No knowledge of software applications is required to teach the lessons in the book. A teacher can confidently take this resource into a computer lab and present a well-rounded lesson covering word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Although the lessons cover specific subject matter, teachers can modify them easily to fit their own curriculum needs. Each activity is linked to technology standards and benchmarks.  By Teacher Created Resources so you know its great!  Product ID: TCR2394

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    Lanyards 12-pack

    Holds badge without attaching to clothing. Heavy nylon cord for added strength. Durable clip holds ID securely around neck.
    – Holds badge without attaching to clothing.
    – Heavy nylon cord for added strength.
    – Durable clip holds ID securely around neck.
    – Assorted Colors.
    – 12 per pack.

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    SchoolPro Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener

    The SchoolPro sharpener from X-ACTO is the ideal electric pencil sharpener for the classroom. Designed by teachers searching for a product that would place an added emphasis on safety, the SchoolPro features a unique cutting blade that produces a safe, rounded pencil point. This — coupled with the sharpener’s durable design and patented guard against over-sharpening — makes this an electric pencil sharpener that is perfect for younger students.

    X-ACTO electric pencil sharpeners are crafted from the highest quality materials, producing the reliability and performance you come to expect from X-ACTO. Our electric sharpeners feature carbon steel sharpened blades and sturdy construction.

    X-ACTO sharpeners can handle a variety of different pencils:

    * Composite pencils
    * Hard wood pencils
    * We also have electric sharpeners for crayons!

    Our electric pencil sharpeners also feature heavy duty, quiet running motors, guaranteeing a precise, clean cut that won’t cause a disturbance around the office or classroom. The X-ACTO line of electric pencil sharpeners features several different models, including battery operated pencil sharpeners, to meet all your needs.

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