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13 Must-do’s to get You & Your Classroom Ready for Back-to-School

By Karen Salsbury, M.S.Ed/Rdg   BE PREPARED!  The key to starting out on a positive note!  It’s much easier to start the school year on a positive note than to find yourself months into the year and trying to get your systems set up and dealing with students who are disconnected and confused.  Students need to know where and how things get done, or you will find yourself “pulling your hair out.”  Listed below are 13 must-dos to help you get Read More...

Students Can be Mean, But You Can Turn Them Into Nice

By Karen Salsbury, M.S.Ed/Reading 5 Steps You Can Take to Turn the Negative Into Positive in Your Classroom                 “Please stop talking.  Eyes up here so you can understand the lesson for today.”  Do you find yourself repeating this many times throughout the course of your mini-lesson?  One of the students comes off with a class-clown comment and many students jump in and respond and before you know if, you’ve lost many of the students.  It’s maddening and disheartening!  But what Read More...
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