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Stop Reading PDFS: PDFs Can Read to YOU!

By Erik Bean Adobe PDF files abound and for most active business professionals, community minded people, and for much of Americana, not a day goes by when one of these documents fly in and out of our busy computer hands. But for most of us, we would rather use our hands for other tasks, such as getting our office work done, keeping up with house chores, not to mention poor tired eyes, that can’t wait to catch forty winks. There Read More...

Top 9 Strategies to Reach & Teach the iGeneration

Kids today are a lot different learners than they were even 5 years ago.  These kids have known technology from as young as 6 months to 3 years old.  This is the iGeneration, and we teachers have got to recognize this and accept it. The old days of direct instruction leading to practice sheets just won’t cut it with these kids.  They learn differently than their older siblings even.  They don’t understand why they would need to visit a library Read More...
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