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Argumentative Essay Curriculum

Inspiration - Aristotle





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    Fabulous Articles for Teaching

    • How and Why to Write Reflectively

      To Enhance Learning in the Secondary Classroom

           In today's secondary classroom the focus is and should be on how students learn best through using their own thoughts about a subject.  In the past, they have been told how they should think about everything from the meaning of a poem to what a passage is trying to tell the reader.  But if we consistently tell them what something means, how will they ever learn to think critically?  Because of the access to public media and information, today more than ever our students need to be able to think about what they read and see and form their own opinions.  With all the hype on the Internet and social media, our kids are susceptible to outside influence.  How can we help?  By teaching them to think critically about what they read.  The best way to do this is through practicing reflective writing in our classrooms.  Give students a chance to really think about what they read. 

           In this PowerPoint, which is classroom ready for 6th-12th+ grades, students are able to see why this type of writing will benefit them and off the steps to help them learn how to write an effective Reflection.  Click on the link that takes you to this PowerPoint:  How to Write Reflectively in Secondary School and College.


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    • What Type Of Writer are YOU?  Test yourself here.


      Powered by Interact

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    • Figurative Language Academic Vocabulary,

      Defined and Examples

      This is a free classroom-ready PowerPoint

      for teaching Figurative Language.


           With the advent of the new Common Core State Standards I have found that teachers need more help than ever in the classroom. This PowerPoint offers a way to introduce the academic vocabulary for figurative language. While not a complete unit, it offers a great introduction for your students. It is ready to use right now. Save yourself some planning time....


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    • Academic Vocabulary for Informational Text Essay

      Classroom Ready with Lesson Plan


           This slide presentation is ready to be used in your classroom. Incorporated in the presentation that you present directly to your students is activities and note taking to get your middle school students introduced to the needed academic vocabulary words for writing and Informational Text Essay. If you like this, please add as a favorite, like us on your social media sites and share on Pinterest.


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    • 5 Ways to Free a Child's Potential


           Getting kids to open up to learning can be a challenge. Of course we all have those select few students who hang on our every word and anxiously await new knowledge on a daily basis, but let's face it, this is the exception and definitely not the rule. All students can and do learn of course, but how can we free their potential and maximize that learning? What are some of the steps we can take to help our students achieve success? Click read more to discover 5 fabulous ways to unlock a child's potential.


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    • Writing An Argumentative Essay

      Classroom Ready PowerPoint

      with Specific Instructions to Students

      for the Steps Needed to Write an Effective Essay


      --Essay Topic Ideas Included!


           The new Common Core State Standards include a large section on expository writing for Middle School English Language Arts.  Included in this is writing an Argumentative Essay. The standards are defined in such a way that students need to use their critical thinking skills to write a focused, clear argument.  Here is an PowerPoint that outlines the most basic Argumentative Essay writing skills along with pre-writing activities.  Included on this page is also a PowerPoint for the vocabulary associated with writing the essay.  Good luck!    If you have found this Slideshare helpful, please like and share to your favorite social media.


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    • 5 Helpful Writing Tips Ready to Use


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    • Teaching Academic Vocabulary

      Relevant words and our students


            “What does Analyze mean?” I had a seventh grader ask me that question the other day. The whole class chimed in asking, so I invited them to share what they thought it meant. There were a few…maybe 3-5 in each class of 20+ that could answer this question. So it occurred to me to ask the question, “why doesn’t a 12-year-old know not only the definition, but how to analyze something?” After all, this is a very important word that we use in constructed response or essay type questions on a test.  Consequently I did a little research in order to help fix this problem.  Read on to find out some helpful tips on vocabulary development.


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    Argumentative Essay Vocabulary Free Slideshow


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