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Are you spending hours searching for teaching resources?  Only to forget where you saved them?  Not anymore.

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Teacher1Stop, designed to be a teacher’s best friend.

How can Teacher1stop help me?

If you're looking to earn more money, then Teacher1stop will let you sell your lesson plans.

Get rewarded on the merits of your teaching methods, not for just showing up.  Sell your teaching materials to a community of like-minded instructors looking for new ways to reach their students.

If you need a new way to order supplies, then Teacher1stop's e-store will make it easy.

Your school likes it when you take the initiative and order your own supplies.  Get fast delivery on premium supplies you won't find anywhere else - including your next lesson plan.

FileMe Cloud Storage for all Your Teacher Resources

Let's face it, we teachers lose everything. Not anymore. Now there's FileMe. It stores web bookmarks, presentations, documents, lessons, videos, and any other type of media you need for your lessons. Save content from anywhere to your FileMe and achieve teaching greatness.  Sign up now for FileMe by clicking here.

If you need a place for your files, then Teacher1stop's Cloud Storage has you covered.   Join FileMe Now.

Sorry, students - you won't be getting out of this pop quiz. Not when all the teachers' files are backed up in one convenient location.

Free Teacher Seller Account

What's the incentive for teachers to come up with amazing lesson plans if you get paid the same at the end of the day?  With a Teacher1stop Seller Account, you can share the results of your hard work and unique perspective.  Earn money on your original materials by selling them directly to fellow teachers.  You can upload your digital products for free, or increase your commission with a small fee.

What sets us apart?

Teacher1stop was built by teachers.  We set out to make a network we wished we had when we were teaching.  Our "lifesaver" products mixed with a vibrant community of active teachers who publish their thoughts will make Teacher1stop your invaluable Mission Control.

Straight Talk

Get exclusive content from industry professionals you won't find anywhere else.  Publish your own articles and gain equity in the teacher community.  Share what's worked fo ryou, and learn new techniques you never would have thought of.

Teacher Forum

Websites and blogs can only go so far.  When you need your questions answered, talk to the best teachers in the business.  Get clarity on the lesson plans you've purchased by asking the very people who wrote it.

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You're just a click away from the best support you've ever had as a teacher.  Try Teacher1stop for free for 30 days.  If you're not completely satisfied, cancel at any time.

Designed By Teachers, For Teachers

We're a group of proactive education professionals.  We weren't satified with the communities we found, so we built one oursleves: a mission control for teachers, where our resources, our people, and out marketplace would follow us wherever we went.

Allies By Choice

Are your writings on education not getting noticed by mainstream journals?  Publish here on Teacher1stop.  You'll give a voice to like-minded teachers the world over.  Suddenly your network isn't limited to your district.

Your Career, Your Life

Being a member of Teacher1stop will help keep you mindful of teaching and education after hours as well.  Your colleagues will be impressed at how much you devote to your career outside of work.  Watch Teacherstop crowd out Facebook, Amazon, and Google Drive, and watch your career reach the level of focus you never thought it would.

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It's completely free to get started.  Checking out this website already means you're in the teacher vibe.  Start your free 30-day trial today to stay there.

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