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Anticipation Guide

The Anticipation Guides is a pre-reading strategy used to develop student interest in the subject matter.  Its a great way to motivate students and actively engage them in their own learning.  Students use their critical thinking skills to make a list of everything they know about a chosen non-fiction text passage.  This is how it works:

Students will make a table such as the following by drawing a table using their notebook paper, or you can develop one in on the computer and distribute:


Then, students preview the article looking for the main ideas, sub-headings and essential details that seem to stand out.  They can choose terms known and unknown and make generalized statements about what they think they know to be true.  Other students will follow along adding their own statements.  This can be down in large-groups, small-groups, partners or individual.  Small groups may work the best but it depends on your style and the point of the article.  Students should not read the selection on preview it.  Be sure to set a short time limit to discourage reading.  The point is to only write things they believe to be true.

Next, students will read the selection making notes on their paper about their Statements from the Text column.

After reading, students will review and see if they have changed what they thought they knew to what they know now.
This is a wonderful "across-the-curriculum" strategy.  It can really be used in Social Studies, Science and Math as well as Music, Art and of course English Language Arts.  It can be used with the Common Core State Standards in all realms.  Be sure to add this to your suitcase of strategies as a common way to engage your students!

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