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Exit Cards

This is a nice teaching strategy that will help in assessing what students have learned, while providing for an organized class dismissal.  It can be used in conjunction with Learning Logs, or in place of them for easy review by the instructor.  Students will fill out a 3"x5" card whereby they summarize in 25-40 words or less what they learned in today's lesson and how they can apply it to their daily lives.  The card must have their name, subject and the date on it.

As students finish, they can come to the door where you are standing, hand you the card, you quickly review and dismiss the Student.  When done, you will have a nice stack of responses to assess student learning.  I have given points for these cards as well.  Be sure students respond in complete sentences in order to achieve the full grade.  This is a quick metacognitive exercise that easily show students how each lesson applies.

Going further....the next day, it works well to pass these cards out to students so they can again review what they learned the previous day and prepare them for the today's lesson.

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